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Interactive Systems

Century Security and Communications, Inc is up to date with all the latest interactive services to add to your security systems.  Here are the interactive services you can add to your security system:

Interactive Systems

  • Cell units to connect your security system with the internet to use security package which gives you the capability to arm and disarm from your smartphone
  • C24 HUB to connect security system and cell unit to add Zwave components
  • Add up to 10 cameras for each HUB to your security system
  • Add light modules to turn on and off your lights
  • Add door lock for you to control when the door is locked or unlocked
  • Control thermostat with smartphone

Security Systems

We at Century Security and Communications, Inc pride ourselves with our custom fit security systems to fit your home and needs.  We install wireless and hardwire systems and each system is expandable.

Things you can have in your home:

Home Security System

  • Door and window switches to inform you if someone went through a door or opened a window
  • Infrareds, often called motion to cover large areas (doesn’t work if you have pets)
  • Glass break detectors to detect if glass breaks
  • Smoke or heat detectors to add extra protection to your home
  • High/low temperature monitor will inform you when your furnace is not working properly
  • Sump pump monitor are designed to indicate when the sump pump has malfunctioned
  • Interactive/Lifestyle capabilities (see interactive systems page for more information)
  • Cell units and IP dialers to use instead of landline to call central monitoring station
  • 24/7 monitoring


Century Security and Communications, Inc are one of the few who own and operate our own central monitoring station.  We have people on staff 24/7, 365 days a year.  We have had our central station since 1976 and continue to provide monitoring services throughout the state of Wisconsin. Our basic monitoring package includes four tracks such as burglary, fire, power loss and low battery but you can add tracks such as high/low temperature monitor and sump pump monitor.   

If you call our phone number after hours you get our dispatchers who are ready to help you with anything you need. They can get a hold of the tech on call to help you either over the phone or come out to look at the problem.  Our techs will also be able to put in loaner equipment if your system needs repair so you will never be without a system.