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Card Access

For many businesses card access systems have become a crucial measure to not only protect the employees but also the employers. The employer can restrict access to certain areas and to monitor when employees access the building.

Card Access

There are many different features and benefits of having a card access system such as:

  • Single or multiple door(s) card access with proximity cards or key fobs
  • Control areas used by employees and keep your employees safe by locking your facilities
  • Biometric scanners for thumb prints, iris readers or facial recognition
  • Gate control for vehicles using vehicle tags

Products Century Security and Communications, Inc sells and services:  Rosslare, ATI, Northern and Passpoint.

CCTV (cameras)

CCTV EFFIO High Resolution Camera

CCTV EverFocus Digital Video Recorder

Video surveillance or closed circuit television (CCTV) is becoming a normal security solution. It not only gives you access to live feed but you can also look back on past events. With the newer technology you can look up your DVR at home through a computer or smartphone.

Here are just some of the CCTV functions:

  • Extreme low light and IR cameras
  • Pan/tilt/zoom cameras
  • License plate capture cameras
  • Hidden cameras
  • DVR units with a DVD burner watermark
  • Remote viewing through internet or App for smartphones
  • IP based cameras and network systems

Just some of the products Century Security and Communications, Inc sells and services:  Eastern, Pelco, Golden State, Speco, GE and many more.

Fiber Optics and Network Cabling

Every business, whether big or small, needs an infrastructure in order to conduct their business. Century Security and Communications, Inc can help design and install the infrastructure you need.

Fiber Optics and Network Cabling

  • Cat 5e or Cat 6 for voice and data
  • Fiber optics cabling
  • Complete design layout with both unmanaged and managed switches
  • Network access routers
  • Inner connect to bring phone lines from D-mark inside business
  • Hook ups for conference room set ups or smartboards
  • Hook ups for POS systems

Fire Systems

Century Security and Communications, Inc has been installing fire systems since 1978. Our engineers and technicians are all NICET certified and are qualified to install NFPA fire alarm systems. Century Security and Communications, Inc are current with all fire codes and regulations, whether you need property protection, full ADA life safety system, or anything in-between, our staff is happy to help you with your needs.

Fire Systems

Our services frequently include:

  • Smoke or heat detectors to protect plant/office.
  • Complete design of fire system with plan review
  • DACT dialer systems to monitor sprinkler systems
  • 24/7 Local monitoring
  • ADA life safety which includes pull stations and horn/strobes

Products Century sell and service:  Firelite, Silent Knight, Ademco/Honeywell, FireworX and DSC.

Intercom Systems

Access Control Intercom System

Most businesses are starting to lock their doors for their employees’ safety but they still need to let in their customers.  One way to do that is through an intercom system.  You can talk and/or see the person who wants to come in the building without having to be at the door.  Intercom systems can work as a stand alone or work with your telephone system depending on the system.  There is even an intercom system that has a built in camera so you can see the person and talk to them at the same time.  With an electric strike you can remotely open your door(s) to let the customer into the building without having to have someone open the door for them.

Paging Systems

Paging systems help businesses with a large facility, plants, Paging Systems GTE 125 AMP grocery stores and schools. You can page a person on the other end of the building to answer a phone call or call an extension. Schools use this feature as a way to do morning and daytime announcements, timed bell system, lockdown scenario and tornado warning system. Many retail stores use this system for background music.

Security Systems

Break-ins can happen to anyone and the best way to be prepared is to have a security system.  Century Security and Communications, Inc can provide you with the best coverage for your company.

Security Systems

Here are just some of the things you can do with your security system:

  • Custom designed system to give a wide area of coverage
  • System can be partitioned so employees can only access certain areas during certain shifts
  • Door and overhead switches to let you know if any doors have been propped/left open
  • Infrared often call motion detectors to provide large area of protection
  • Glass break detectors to cover glass, mostly used in offices
  • Open/Closing reports will tell you who has entered and left the building and at what time
  • Alarm to monitor company safe
  • 24/7 monitoring for a quick response

Telephone Systems and Voicemail

Every business whether big or small needs a phone system; Century Security and Communications, Inc prides itself on being a five star dealer with Panasonic and we are here to give you a phone system that will make your business run smoothly.

Telephone Systems and Voicemail - TDA 50

Features of the Panasonic Telephone systems:

  • Digital Systems operate faster than analog systems and handle most business needs
  • Hybrid – IP is a digital system with the capabilities of VOIP without paying for the managed fee each month
  • VOIP (voice over internet protocol) system uses the internet to send and receive calls giving businesses the latest cutting edge technology
  • Night, day, and lunch modes also combine with voicemail unit
  • Off-premise call forwarding
  • Call forwarding – all calls, busy/no answer and follow me internally in business
  • Call waiting lets you know when someone is waiting to talk with you
  • System will accommodate up to four door boxes so someone can call you from outside the building
  • Music on hold lets your customers know you have not forgotten them when they are on hold.  Plus digital announcers can advertise your business
  • Allows for the use of single-line telephones with no additional equipment needed
  • Toll Restrictions enable management to limit certain telephones to local calls only
  • Hundreds of system speed dial numbers
  • Conferencing allows you to combine anything from 2 lines to 16 for those large business meetings
  • Allows connection of an external paging system up to two zones in your plant without expensive components
  • Caller ID announces who is calling you through the LCD screen

Features of a Voicemail system:

  • Automated Attendant – answers incoming calls and routes the caller to the appropriate extension
  • Live call screening – helps you to monitor your incoming calls
  • Two-way record – will record the conversation with just the press of a button
  • Two-Way Transfer – allows you to transfer a recorded message to another telephone
  • Direct Mailbox Access – enables owners to retrieve their messages by pressing a button
  • Enhanced message notification – allows mailbox user to be notified by a message waiting lamp or it will call a predetermined number such as a cell phone
  • Call ID Personal Greeting – allows the employee to customize their voice mail greeting
  • Email integration with ACD monitoring and reporting software
  • Windows based PC programmable (on site and remote capability)