About Us

Century Security and Communications, Inc has been serving all of Wisconsin with excellent service since 1976. We are a locally owned and operated company that prides ourselves with providing the best solutions and services to our customers. We have served over 10,000 customers across Wisconsin and we keep adding to that list every year.

Mark Oravetz

Mark Oravetz – President/Engineer

Mark has been with Century since the beginning. He has helped thousands of clients figure out solutions for their low-voltage needs. He designs card access systems, camera systems, alarm systems, fire systems, data/network cabling, paging systems, telephone systems and other unique designs that the customer needs. He’s always willing to help a customer with anything they need. Since Mark has been with the company for many years he knows a lot of our customers and enjoys chatting with them even if it’s just to say hello.

Sam Kumorkiewicz

Sam Kumorkiewicz – Vice President

Sam helps make sure the office runs smoothly and efficiently. She manages the sales team, the technicians and office staff. Sam is head of sales and marketing and specializes in alarm systems, card access systems and camera systems for small business and non-profits; she also does some residential. She always does her best to provide the best solution for the customer. Sam enjoys meeting new people and building relationships with her customers.

Rocko Theilman

Rocko Theilman – Sales Associate

Rocko started at Century as a technician and has now moved to the sales department. Having the background of a technician, Rocko knows exactly how to design the best systems for you. Rocko does residential sales and he specializes in data cabling, camera systems, and card access systems for small businesses. He is very friendly, patient and will help you understand how any of the systems we sell will function and be best suited for each individual customer.


Mike Rauch

Mike Rauch – Foreman/Lead Technician

Mike has been with Century since 1984. Mike specializes in telephone systems, data cabling, security systems and service calls. He is great with customers and will help explain how systems work or walk you through any problems you might have.

Jeff Cluey

Jeff Cluey – Technician

Jeff has been with Century since 1990. Jeff specializes in security systems, data cabling, phone systems and service calls. Jeff is an easy going kind of guy who always likes to crack a joke and make people laugh.

Mike Fay

Mike Fay – Technician

Mike (also known as “Fay”) will do any job with a smile on his face. He specializes in fire systems, alarm systems and data cabling. He is most requested at grocery stores. He is always willing to help the customer and make them smile too.

Bill Joyce

Bill Joyce – Technician

Bill has been with Century since 1998. He specializes in card access systems, camera systems and alarm systems. He is a very carefree, very personable guy who will help you with any questions you have and is very patient to help show you how to use a system.

Jay Enhoff

Jay Enhoff – Technician

Jay has been with Century since 2014. He has learned a lot throughout these years. He has worked on all the systems we sell and has really excelled with camera systems, card access systems and telephone systems. Jay can help you with any technical questions you may have.

Candee Schick

Candee Schick – Office Manager

Candee will normally be the first voice you hear when you call us. She will help direct you to the right person to talk to or help get a service call written up for you. She can help you with any information that you need to change or if you need to schedule a service call or install. Candee has built many relationships with our customers over the years and she loves hearing from them just to chat.

Cheryl Oravetz

Cheryl Oravetz – Bookkeeper

Cheryl has been with Century since 2001. She handles all our account invoices; billing for new installs and service tickets. For any billing inquiries, Cheryl would be happy to help. She also handles the bills for the company as well as the payroll.